Sony a7 vs GH4

If you have prepared a budget around two thousand bucks for a mirrorless digital camera along with some equipment, then you are most probably considering to get either Sony a7 or Panasonic GH4. Sony a7 is indeed an extremely popular product on the market. A lot of people love it, along with its siblings. The extensive features and specifications are just too attractive, making the price seem to be a very fair cost. However, there is also Panasonic GH4, which can serve the purposes that can’t be handled by Sony a7. Which one should you choose? Let’s see the comparisons to answer the question!

Sony a7 vs GH4

Sony a7
Sony a7 is the way if you don’t need extreme speeds, but value outstanding output qualities. With a powerful 24MP full-frame image sensor, Sony a7 promises to deliver superb sharpness and details. This is even enhanced further by having 117 focus points. With Sony a7, you will be able to show more things in your images that are otherwise will not be as pronounced. Sony a7 also has larger pixels, making its color depth and dynamic range considerably higher. Colors are very vibrant and accurate. Sony a7 is also impressive for HDR photography, as it comes with 5EV of AE bracketing range. Additionally, Sony a7 offers you dial buttons for control. Some people prefer dial buttons instead of a touchscreen because they are often much easier and quicker to use. Unfortunately, Sony a7 is not the perfect choice for fast-paced photo shooting because it only has a maximum photo burst of 5 fps. (Find out: Sony a7 vs a6300)

Panasonic GH4
Panasonic GH4 is the way to go if you need a strong camera that can capture fast-moving objects and also record high-quality videos. Even though it is only armed with a 16MP image sensor, it offers a reliable performance that can serve your heavy duties. It provides an extreme continuous shooting speed of 12 fps! Combined with the unlimited buffer capacity, you can snap pictures after pictures in no time. The next great thing about Panasonic GH4 is that it records 4K Ultra HD videos at a satisfying frame rate of 30 fps or 24 fps. Thus, Panasonic GH4 is awesome for shooting or recording fast-paced actions and sports. It is also arguably more versatile than Sony a7. It has a touchscreen for control.

- 24.3 MP full frame CMOS sensor
- Up to 4 FPS in Speed Priority Continuous shooting
- ISO 100-25600(AUTO ISO 100-6400)
- 1080/60p/24p HD video (AVCHD/MP4)
- A new world high-quality photo image quality
- 4K video recording
- High-end hybrid mirror-less interchangeable lens "LUMIX GH4"
- This version is originally intended for sale outside the US and may contain adapters, manuals, and warranties not compatible with US standards

Sony a7 vs GH4
If you are certain that you don’t need high speeds, then you can opt for Sony a7, which offers astonishing photo quality. However, if you want something that is more versatile and can be used for continuous shooting, then choose Panasonic GH4!

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