Olympus OMD VS PEN

There are so many good camera brands out there and Olympus is still one of the nice solutions for a wide range of users starting from casual shooters to those who plan on moving into professional level. Today we are looking into the most popular cameras in Olympus OMD Vs PEN line to see which of them will attract you the most. These lines have been around for so long and are both ideal choices for lots of different enthusiasts. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Buying a Dedicated Camera
  • What are Olympus OMD and PEN
  • How are the Design of Olympus OMD and PEN
  • How are the Specs of Olympus OMD and PEN
  • How are the Image Quality of Olympus OMD and PEN
  • How are the Experience with Olympus OMD and PEN
  • Olympus OMD Vs PEN

Dedicated Camera and Smartphone Camera

Camera is an interesting invention because it is very useful in modern days. With how it is integrated in almost everything, the camera is moving towards a wider purpose than just immortalizing a moment. Their functions that capture moments in the form of still pictures or videos can be extremely useful for lots of different applications such as documentation and surveillance. For most people the camera is probably more on the entertainment side, moreover with how social media are developing today.

Depending on the main purpose of the camera itself, not everyone will be satisfied with the camera in their smartphone. Smartphone cameras are actually very powerful with much better image processing and hardware but the best thing about them is always the ease of use or convenience. Since most people are going to just aim their camera at something and snap a shot, it is a perfect solution for the general users yet, this alone is not enough if you want something more personalized. 

Smartphone cameras are usually smaller and this is not only about the physical size but also the component they use. There is only so much the micro sensor can offer and the most prominent drawback is probably the low light performance. On the other hand your smartphone camera only comes with a fixed lens. Many cameras have fixed lenses too but if you are serious about getting into photography, the interchangeable lens will offer much more freedom to choose and design your shots.

The lens is just as important as the camera itself because they are working hand in hand. Lenses need to be reliable not only on the material and design but also how it affects the clarity and depth of field of your photo. It is the first component for the light to enter your camera and with ILC we have a wide range of options to choose from as long as the lens is compatible with your main body. 

Smartphones nowadays do offer some sort of adjustment on how you want to capture the photo but they are designed to be automatic and for the more personalization to tweak, a dedicated camera is a more ideal solution. The camera’s main body is housing sensor, processor, battery, and memory card as well as ports for external equipment like microphone. Overall a dedicated camera is more suitable for those who are interested in photography as a hobby or a career choice.

Olympus OMDOlympus PEN
Product Dimensions4.8 x 1.9 x 3.3 inches
9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Shipping Weight0.8 pound
0.84 pound
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About Olympus OMD and PEN

If you are here then we assume that you are also currently looking for a dedicated camera. There are actually plenty of good options to consider based on which seems to work best in the application or goals on why you want to have this equipment. For those who still wonder which camera they should purchase, try to put a budget range or shooting style that you want to achieve. Budget is a reliable method to stick with those we are willing to pay for, including the lens if you choose an ILC.

The Olympus for example is one of the major players in the camera world and while they are rarely heard in the top range of high-end, powerful cameras lately, they are still carrying some of the most impressive bodies for the casual and experienced users who want to have something to accompany their main equipment. In comparison most people probably look into the Olympus collection when they want to have the antique body. Their housing is indeed prettier than many similar mirrorless in the same price range.

Just like most companies Olympus is carrying a few lines in the collection to provide options for different types of users and their preferences such as Olympus OMD and PEN line. These lines have been around for quite some time and to be honest we are still wondering what the M in OMD line means. The O probably refers to the brand name and D is for digital. On the other hand PEN is probably called so because it is meant to be compact and users can fit it in their pocket like a pen.

As for the comparison, we are going to choose some of the most popular models from their collection and they are OMD EM10 Mark IV to PEN EPL 10. The main difference between these cameras is their styling itself because one is an SLR style while the other is a rangefinder type of camera. These specific models we are choosing are currently some of the most attractive in the affordable price range and are perfect for casual users or those who want to start their camera journey.

Olympus OMD and PEN Design

As you can see they are very different in styling with SLR always coming with this bulkier housing and since the viewfinder is aligned with the lens, it is also taller compared to the PEN which is more like a pocket camera. However, the EM10 Mark IV is not enormous either that it affects your mobility since the overall dimension is not far from each other. What we always love from Olympus is the retro styling that is not always satisfied by other brands.

The EPL 10 for example is available in this black and brown or white finish. You may want to opt for the white or brown which almost look like a rose gold if the look is also one of the best features from your camera. The OMD is more serious looking but it has the same silver top as well as the textured cover like many others from Olympus. The control buttons are different and also the rear display of EPL 10 is folding instead of just tilting.

Olympus OMD and PEN Specs

Next for the most important part, let’s see what these Olympus OMD and PEN cameras can offer because there are so many other similar options around the same price range that are more interesting. For starter they are a micro four-third and usually cameras around this price such as Sony Alpha a6000 Vs Nikon D3500 are APS-C. It probably has something to do with how Olympus market them for smartphone cameras alternative in the creative part but what makes them desirable are more than the sensor. 

While the sensor size is the same, the PEN EPL10 in our comparison today is 16MP while the other is 20MP so there might be noticeable difference once you crop or zoom into the photo. What we find attractive since both are designed as a handheld is their in-body image stabilization and EM10 Mark IV comes with a 5-axis stabilization up to 4.5 stops.

Olympus OMD and PEN Image Quality

Now let’s talk about the image quality taken by these cameras but we do believe that it is something that the photographer decides and also based on the external factors as well. They are performing wonderfully as outdoor cameras or as long as there is a decent amount of light to compensate for the small sensor. The colors look nice and they should be perfect for anyone who wants to improve their shots from smartphones. The details on darker areas are manageable and the difference in pixel will only be visible once you zoom into it.

Olympus OMD and PEN Experience

We also want to talk about the experience with these Olympus OMD and PEN cameras because they are quite different here. In general we do think OMD including this EM10 Mark IV has a very good weight and grip that allows you to mount different lenses on it including a larger telephoto lens. The viewfinder is also good for those who prefer to frame their shot this way and undeniably helpful when shooting under bright sun rays. On the other hand we can only use the rear screen on PEN EPL 10.

Additionally, while none of them are made for professional applications, at least the control panel of OMD EM10 Mark IV is better with a few programmable buttons here. The rear panel is also housing a good joypad that we found to be better than even those in higher end cameras. Sadly none of these camera bodies are weathershield.

Olympus OMD Vs PEN

Both Olympus OMD and PEN line carry some of the most attractive cameras Olympus can offer and as an example these OMD EM10 Mark IV to PEN EPL 10 are very reliable for casual or starter in your photography journey. The difference is mostly styling because the EM10 Mark IV is more comfortable on hand, has better control, and has more pixels. The PEN line is arguably more attractive design wise as well as compact.

- 20 MP Live MOS Sensor
- Always-on connection and background connection via Bluetooth & OI Share Smartphone app
- Flip-down monitor and dedicated selfie mode. Selfie mode automatically turns on when monitor is flipped down.
- In-Body 5-Axis Image Stabilization capable of 4.5 shutter speed steps of compensation.
- Simple, chic design with a clean, sophisticated look and leather texture finish
- Built-In Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for remote shooting and transferring photos to smartphone wirelessly. Photos can be shared as soon as they are taken using OI Share Version 4. 3.
- Graphical User Interface includes Intuitive Scene Modes
- Intuitive Touch AF Shutter focuses and shoots with a single touch of the screen. Camera automatically switches to Selfie Mode when screen is flipped down for both stills and video.


The decision is all yours because these cameras are probably made for different users. We recommend Olympus OMD line such as this EM10 Mark IV however if your purpose is to start with photography or have a slightly more powerful camera to improve the experience. 

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