Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX620

Camera has become a very important device many people are wishing to have due to the increasing popularity of photography as a hobby and profession. For those who just want to take good images from time to time, a good model like Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX620 will accompany you along the journey but won’t ask so much as well. For those who also interested in these cameras, go check our article below to see what they can offer so we can pick the one that suit us better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which camera do you need
– What are Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620
– What Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 Look Like
– How are the Image Quality of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620
– How are the Video Quality of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620
– Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX620

Affordable Digital Camera
In the last decade, photography seems to be more popular than ever or becoming such a trend among regular user who either find the field interesting or just want to try something new. With the huge demand from the market, manufacturer are eager to introduce their new technology or innovation to give the best items for their customer and this is why we see so many models out there even those with slight differences that is used just to attract new potential user.

With our society current obsession to social media and similar platforms where they can upload their creating such as still images, videos, or songs, a good camera becomes a necessities for people who routinely use them because they will need something better for more audience to enjoy. As for regular user who only take pictures or videos from time to time, a good smartphone camera is enough for most occasion whether just to take a quick self-portrait or to capture those scenery we see on the way.

We do love smartphone camera because compared to digital camera we used to own in the past, many of them are already upgraded so much to deliver a far better image quality especially for a higher-end models. Another reason why it is widely used and popular to even beat the entry-level dedicated camera is the versatility itself. We carry our communication device almost anywhere and taking picture using them is just convenient for at least we don’t have to carry another device with us.

However, this is indeed true for regular user who only take pictures or video for social media purpose and not particularly enthusiast about the activity itself because those who does will mostly want more than just a good smartphone or compact camera. Many enthusiast are preferring to use DSLR or the slightly less heavy Mirrorless because they come with bigger sensor and various manual adjustment to tailor your image before capturing them and to get a great result, we not only have to own a good device but also the skill.

This is very different from using a point-and-shoot method of smartphone since the device is made to be used by the general customer so there will be less manual setting and more into the convenience part so we can utilize them without thinking or doing much. Since we have different need and preference, it is good to think about what you need from the camera before going to look for one.

About Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620
If you already know what kind of camera you need and what the various capabilities or qualities built-in the unit, now is the time to select the item from the vast collections out there. Just like everything that has a wide market, we also have much options to choose and while it sure does sound good, it can be a drawback especially for new user and those with less time to actually do some light research on the specific model they want.

But, if you don’t want to meddle with them and need a quick shop, we do recommend you to look at well-known names because they have a higher chance of providing what you need in a trusted quality. One of the most popular customer level camera manufacturer out there is Canon and we are sure you also think the same. This brand is widely used and offering a great amount of options on the catalogue both for people who are doing the profession, hobby and regular user who just want to take pictures.

If you are the first or the last, the Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 are two good models to go because while they don’t cost as much as a popular DSLR today, they should be adequate to accompany you in the journey thanks to their good performance. They are coming from the same family and can be called as a bridge camera especially the first due to the long zooming ability and is a good pick especially for those who often take picture of subject from afar.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, these models are not exactly look similar to each other even though come from the same family and comparing the two, it can be easily said that SX420 is the bulkier one while at the other hand Powershot SX620 is more similar to a compact, low-end digital camera we used in the past. They are featured with a flash which can be folded or pop up when needed as well as a similar control button at the top.

Flipping the camera ,we can see both are featured with 3-inch LCD screen to view result and menu as well as to find your angle since there are no viewfinder in both cameras. As for handling, SX620 is lighter to carry and hold with one hand but for the other, we may need two hands to steadily hold the unit to minimize shaking and blurry images. Buttons quality are standard but very intuitive and easy to use with a huge familiarity.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 Image
When looking for a camera whether it is used to take still images, videos or even for security purpose, the first thing we have to check is their image quality since it is their main and most important quality and both of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 are equally coming with a small 1/ 2.3 sensor but the first is CCD and the latter is backlit CMOS. Traditionally, CCD is producing less digital noise but is more expensive while today technology already made CMOS much more reliable with as low noise as possible.

Being backlit for the SX620 is great because it means they can cram more photosites on to a single sensor with the same noise level as the non-backlit CMOS even with fewer pixels that made this model able to support its compact form. As for the image quality, both of them are producing good image quality and even better than some expensive smartphone cameras but there are also those that can show you more depend on how expensive the one you have.

The image produce in a good lighting condition is sharp and pleasing with a nice amount of clarity but what they shine the most is on the zooming ability because they are offering zooming amount of 42 times and 25 times optically. They are indeed reliable but will need more time when you try to focus on something far so we have to wait a little bit longer when for example, capturing a bird above a tree in front of you. Read also: Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX530 here.

When used in a low light situation, they are working just like many camera with small sensor and will produce noise as you increase the ISO which is up to 1600 in SX420 and 3200 on SX620 but due to the sensor, we feel like the latter is working slightly better on such condition while the noise is still noticeable. On the shutter speed, the first model is going to give you a fast operation at 1/4000 and 1/2000 respectively.

While X620 is shining on the low light image capturing, the SX420 is good when you need a quick shot thanks to the Image Stabilization so even though its operate slower with ISO, the image result is still fairly sharp compared when not using the feature.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 Video
Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 are also suitable for people who want to record a video footage because they are actually quite reliable as well in this part and we do recommend you to use tripod because the way they are designed is not going to be very helpful when you need to hold them for a long time especially the SX420. The first model is recording at 1280 x 720p at top while the latter will give you a better 1920 x 1080p or lower resolution in your hand.

Now, let’s compare Canon Powershot SX420 with SX620. As you may already know, in daytime situation with good lighting both camera is good even though they use different sensor type and the most prominent difference is probably the shape or style, zooming ability, and better video recording quality because SX420 is winning in the second and SX620 is winning on the first and last.

Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX620

- Powerful 42x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer for outstanding optical performance
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos
- 20.0 Megapixel sensor with DIGIC 4+ Image Processor helps deliver stunning image quality.
- 3.0-inch LCD with a wide viewing angle allows clear display as well as easy operation and sharing
- Powerful 25x Optical Zoom with Intelligent IS helps optimize image stabilization for virtually shake-free images
- Built-in Wi-Fi* and NFC** allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos. Maximum f/number : f/3.2 – f/6.6. Shutter Speed- 1-1/2000 sec.15-1/2000 sec. (in all shooting modes)
- 20.2 Megapixel*** CMOS sensor with DIGIC 4+ Image Processor helps deliver stunning image quality even in low light. Auto zoom dependent on number of subjects
- Capture spectacular 1080p Full HD video. Focusing Range : 1cm (0.4 Inches) - infinity (W), 1.0m (3.3ft.) - infinity (T)

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we have different things to consider and budget to spend. These models are not cheap but still fairly affordable for many users to get and if we are to pick between the two, we will go with Canon Powershot SX620 since it is easier to carry without weighing you down.

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