Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX430

For many of us, taking pictures with our smartphone’s camera may not enough anymore because we want a higher image quality as well as more personal adjustment to tailor the result. If you are also feeling the same, Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX430 can be a great options to choose without the need to pay much yet already giving you much more than a standard cameras we used in the past yet since they are very similar, go check our article below to see how the differ from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a new camera
– What are Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
– What Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Look Like
– How are the Image Quality of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
– How are the Video Quality of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
– Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX430

Affordable Digital Camera
Camera has been very popular since the device is first invented and upgraded to be more user friendly and most of us must be already used to them especially the low-end digital models with a point-and-shoot system. While they are indeed very useful to help human immortalized moments we thinks as important, except for taking images and recording footage, they are not as versatile as our smart devices like tablet, computer and smartphone that we take anywhere and widely used today.

In the last few decades, manufacturer begin to incorporate camera on cell phone and we see a successful journey here because it is indeed very useful and popular among users since at that time the design is seen as a breakthrough to make mobile lifestyle even more convenient. Even until today, camera is such as important part to consider when people are looking to buy a new smartphone and big or smaller names are competing in the market to win the customer with their own special capabilities.

Another thing that made camera even more popular and highly purchased is because of the widely used of social media and similar platforms where user can upload their photos or videos into the internet and let other people view or enjoy them freely. This create such as huge trend and influencer alike or the content maker for they will most likely need some good or higher-model to create a more professional result. This include both those with more experience and beginner user who just want to try a new hobby.

However, the question about camera that we often considered today is whether it is still worth to buy a cheaper model since most high-end smartphones comes with great cameras already that some even beat the old, dedicated camera we used to have in the past. The answer will of course different from one person to another depend on their need since not all of us have the same requirement and preference yet, we do recommend people to look for something that suit the activity they will do with the camera.

DSLR and Mirrorless are probably the two model being used by enthusiast alike in present day but they can be quite expensive and not as compact for those who are only using the device from time to time. If you like how they are handled and need something similar with not as complicated or expensive, there are also lots of reliable digital cameras out there that mostly in the mid-range.

About Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
If you already making up your mind and decide which camera model to purchase, now is the time to hunt for the real item on the market. We do have so many options and it can be overwhelming for users to pick one among the vast collection so we need to spend some time deciding on which item will provide the most useful features or capabilities. To ease the selecting process, we may want to pick from one brand only to quickly eliminate the choices.

One of the most popular and well-known camera manufacturer is Canon and we are sure you also agree that they are offering good quality products for both enthusiast or professional and beginner or standard user. If a capable camera is what you are looking for and still friendly for those with less experience or knowledge as well as affordable for many, the Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are two great model to choose and accompany your journey from now on.

As some of you may already know, these models are actually bridge camera and if you are not yet familiar with the term, it means both of them are featured with a long zooming range which is why this type usually popular for people who need to capture subject from afar due to inability to come closer in fear of ruining the moment. For example those who loves to take their camera while exploring the wild and collecting small animal shots.

Another thing we love from a bridge camera is their capability of capturing good image quality, better than the one we can get form our mid-end smartphones or entry-level digital camera yet not as bulky as the DSLR brother as well as cheaper and still looks like one in case it is a necessary point to consider. Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are offering such a long zoom range but as you may already guess, the latter is slightly better than its little brother.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Design
When talking about a bridge camera, we almost feel like holding a DSLR because they are very similar to each other and it is the same with these models. They are not unnecessarily the smallest camera we can get out there but when compared to the higher model they still more travel friendly with a plain and practical design. They are very similar to each other and when you cover the model name, it is hard to tell them apart for both the face and control stays the same.

The body is made from hard plastic which feels sturdy enough to hold and come with metal tripod socket as well as metal ring around the front of the lens yet there is a rubber grip on the front part to support firmer grip. There is flash on the cameras and they are manual which mean we have to manually eject them to prevent them flashing in an undesired moments. Despite the compact form, the buttons and control are laid carefully and still fairly easy to use.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Image
Moving into the image quality part, Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are offering a reliable results just like many similar cameras out there especially when taking still images under a good lighting or in daytime while the result is actually very similar if not the same probably because they are coming with the same 1 /2.3 CCD sensor with effective pixel at 20.0 and 20.5 respectively. The image captured with these cameras are better than regular smartphones but there are also those that may will even surpassed these two.

Even though the image quality is not something we can boast about in these cameras, there is one that will surely will affect your decision and it is their zooming ability itself because being a bridge camera, we hope to see more than 20 times amount of optical zoom in which the SX420 is at 42 and SX430 is at 45 times with zoom range that extends to 1080 or 35mm in equivalent. However, there is also a small issue here. Read also: Canon Powershot SX420 and SX620 here.

This is because the lens reach is fairly massive and when user trying photography at the telephoto end of the zoom, the image viewed to their screen will tends to not as still as we hope it to be even though when user already think they hold them firmly. This issue can be handled with trial and error or the more we used them the more we can get a hang of the situation but, to make it a safer bet, we can just use a tripod.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are indeed a good bridge camera and we are satisfied with most of the result but the mechanic they used here is probably not as good as the price tell you since the lens tends to be noisy when extended or retracted which can scare your subject especially when aiming a shot for small animals like birds on a quiet environment. As for the ISO level itself, these two still have the same range at 100-800 on auto mode and up to 1600 when in creative shooting mode.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Video
The last thing we often asked about a camera is their video quality because besides being useful as a still image capturing, we may use them as a video recorder as well when needed even though with a bulky and type of handling like DSLR they are not something ideal for video footage. Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 stay the same in this part with a maximum resolution at 1280 x 720p which is barely HD like we get these day and while still reliable, not going to be very pleasing to eyes.

Now, let’s compare Canon Powershot SX420 with SX430. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are more similar rather than different probably as a marketing strategy and we don’t see a prominent level up on image quality as well except of the higher zooming ability on SX430 since the rest of features or capabilities including video quality and wireless connectivity stay the same.

Canon Powershot SX420 vs SX430

- Powerful 42x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer for outstanding optical performance
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos
- 20.0 Megapixel sensor with DIGIC 4+ Image Processor helps deliver stunning image quality.
- 3.0-inch LCD with a wide viewing angle allows clear display as well as easy operation and sharing
- 45x Optical Zoom (24 - 1080mm) with 90x ZoomPlus
- 20.0 megapixels sensor
- Intelligent IS
- Wi-Fi & NFC

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different things to consider and preference so it is better to pick based on what you need but, if we are to choose, we do recommend you to purchase the younger brother Powershot SX420 because it is far more affordable yet still similarly capable.

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